Couples Massage

*Please note that at our studio Couples Massage is performed in rooms adjacent to each other and not in one room, but our studio is warm and intimate so it remains a bonding, personable experience. 

What is Couples Massage?

Couples Massage is a popular service AG Massage provides. Two people get a massage at the same time, by two different massage therapists. It can be for partners, family, friends,'s not limited to romantic couples. Couples Massage is the perfect way to celebrate a special holiday, anniverary or occasion.

To book a Couples Massage, you must book two appointments with two massage therapists at the same time. If you simply book one massage through our online booking with a note requesting couples massage, you aren't done yet - you still need to book your second massage as well.  Please add a note that this is a Couples Massage when you book so we can help with the process. If you need help with (or want to confirm your appointment), please call the office at (503) 227-0206.


What are the benefits of Couples Massage?

Couples Massage is a great way to introduce a friend to massage in a way that may make them feel more comfortable the first time. Some people are apprehensive about getting a massage and to have their friend there is reassuring. Besides the benefits of a regular massage experience, Couples Massage is also way to spend some quality time with a special friend.  


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