The special thing about massage is that it allows us to experience our interconnectedness. So often we’re a bunch of monkeys running around with our cell phones and computers and then we get the opportunity to hop on a massage table—and we are reminded of our humanity again. This is terribly basic yet incredibly vital to keeping our minds clear and our resilience up.
— Alison
One thing that is so special about massage as a healthcare modality is that it combines all the elements of being human. With knowledge of anatomical science and technical skill the physical body can be repaired. Yet when the simple tools of compassion and intent, one can experience healing on a mental and spiritual level and rise from the massage table finding their mind and spirit have been repaired as well.
— Kathleen
What I love so much about physical bodywork is that you can’t disregard or detach it from the emotional, psychological, and spiritual work being done alongside. We’re still just birthing the body-mind connection. To so many, especially in our culture, this is an avoided or unknown concept with all the quick and “convenient” fixes in our multi-tasked and foggy scheduled lifestyles. However, if we slow for a moment, return to the most natural and necessary thing we do, breathe, we begin to hear everything else the body is telling us. We have the power ultimately to manifest beautiful health and ease in ourselves or absolute sickness and dis-ease. This knowledge is truly our greatest gift. Massage, to me, is the second most natural thing the body desires and needs after breathwork; it allows us to oxygenate, circulate, move, and feel everything.”
— Jennifer
I see giving massage as an incredible gift and a privilege. When someone allows me to touch them in a massage, I believe that they are opening themselves in a vulnerable and profound way. While the touch of massage is obviously physical, massage also has the potential to touch the soul and spirit of the client. In this way, I see massage as a sacred and powerful practice. My aim in massage is to help induce both a relaxed body and a quiet mind.”
— Jen
“The two most powerful tools I’ve discovered for connection with others and with my own being are conscious breathing and curiosity. With each breath, I’m nourishing and balancing myself. I’m helping my awareness catch up and stay connected with my present moment experience. The more curiosity I bring to this moment, the more capable I become of honoring the things it tells me. When I’m present with my own experience, I become far more capable of being truly present with another person. Over the years these basic tools have become a way I can deliver a particular kind of healing. My hope is that my work also seeds these invaluable tools into the lives of my clients.”
— Benjamin
“I believe that the body contains an elaborate healing mechanism which has the power to return to a normal balanced condition of health, provided right methods are applied to enable it to do so. In other words, the power to cure itself lies within the body itself and NOT in the hands of the facilitator. With the right combination of intuition and intention, balance can be achieved.”
— Tara

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