Deep Tissue Massage

What is Deep Tissue Massage?

If you are looking for deeper work and can tolerate more pressure to get relief from muscle pain, then you may request a Deep Tissue massage.  If you are an athlete or anyone who has pain and/or sore muscles, it will likely take a series of massages to work through the factors contributing to your pain in order to see results. To start out with, we may recommend following up every one to two weeks for best results. Ideally you will continue your sessions on a regular basis to continue to feel looser and pain-free.  This could be once weekly, monthly, bimonthly, etc...whatever feels right for you.

Deep Tissue Massage is based on the Western concepts of anatomy and physiology, as opposed to energy work on “meridiens” or sen lines that Eastern massage may focus on. At AG Massage, you can book 60, 75, or 90 minute Swedish or Deep Tissue massage.  Generally a 75 or 90 minute session will give your massage therapist enough time apply deep-tissue therapy in order to work the muscle tissue and achieve the best results, depending on what your situation may require and how intense you want your massage to be.


The purpose of Deep Tissue Massage

During a Deep Tissue massage your therapist lubricates the skin with massage oil and performs various massage strokes that warm up the muscle tissue, release tension and gradually break up muscle adhesions. Before the massage your therapist will ask you about any injuries or other conditions that (s)he should be aware of, or may want to pay special attention to. Tell your therapist about any areas of tightness or pain, allergies, and conditions like pregnancy. If you have a specific issue (or area) that you would like your LMT to concentrate on, let them know during the intake process. 


Some therapists work in a different order and all have their own style and techniques. You can ask your massage therapist to spend more time on certain areas, depending on the amount of time you have booked for your massage. If the pressure is too light or too firm, always feel free to speak up and ask your therapist to adjust it. Deep Tissue massage consists of more intensive work and firmer pressure than most other types of massage.

Why it’s called Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue massage consists of more intensive work and firmer pressure than most other types of massage. Your massage Therapist will likely focus on certain areas and muscle groups that you request be  worked on, but this does not mean that (s)he will work on only those muscle groups. To get a well rounded, balanced massage, your therapist may cover all muscle groups (as in a Swedish massage), but focus on certain groups during your session. 


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