Kathleen Bailey

In her previous occupation as a social worker, Kathleen often sought massage as a way to unwind and reconnect. When she realized how important massage had become for her own self-care, she decided to pursue studying massage from a practitioner's perspective. After graduating from Ashmead College in 2006, she did an internship at an integrated health clinic where she saw the profound effects of massage on those recovering from drug addiction, PTSD, and those afflicted with cancer and HIV. Kathleen worked in various spas and a chiropractic clinic prior to accepting a teaching position at Anthem College in Beaverton, Oregon, where she taught for 3 years, acting as Program Manager for one year. Although she found teaching engaging, challenging, and rewarding, she realized that her true calling was as a practicing Massage Therapist.

Kathleen is happy to have found a place at AG Massage, where she can blend her specialized knowledge of musculoskeletal anatomy with her nurturing intuition in each massage she gives. Each session is a customized blend of Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Myofascial and Orthopedic Massage tailored for each client’s needs. She also incorporates Hydrotherapy and Aromatherapy in her work.

Kathleen has successfully worked with people from all walks of life, including athletes, the injured, office workers, expectant mothers, as well as those living with PTSD, anxiety, depression and insomnia. Whether you are seeking stress relief or recovery, each session with Kathleen will be unique and focused on your needs. She is honored to connect with people through bodywork, and looks forward to working with you. When not massaging, she spends her time deepening her yoga practice, exploring the outdoors, experimenting in her kitchen, and getting lost in classic novels.

Massage License

Oregon Board of Massage, License #13521


Ashmead College, 2006

Bachelor of Science, liberal arts PSU 2004


Kathleen Reviews:

2/19/13 from K.S.

I work with computer software, which means I spend approximately 20-30 hours in front of a computer. My upper back, neck and shoulders suffer, even with ergonomic everything. Of all the massage therapists I have worked with - and there have been a half dozen or so in Portland alone - Kathleen is by far and away the best! So far, only she has been able to provide me with ongoing pain relief. I so appreciate her skill, knowledge and dedication! Plus, she's really nice!

5 months ago (google) from Kristen Wieland – “Melted. That is the best way to describe how I feel every time I leave AG Massage. I am so grateful to have experienced many massages by Kathleen Bailey over the last several years. Like many people, I tend to hold tension and stress primarily in my neck and shoulders. Without even having to tell her, Kathleen always knows exactly where I need a little extra work done and definitely works it out! Schedule an appointment with Kathleen and I promise you will not be disappointed...” • • •

NW Portland Location

AG Massage is located in NW Portland in Historic Old Town Chinatown:

322 NW 5th Avenue, Suite 305
Portland, OR 97209
(5th Avenue between Flanders and Everett)


"One thing that is so special about massage as a healthcare modality is that it combines all the elements of being human. With knowledge of anatomical science and technical skill the physical body can be repaired. Yet when the simple tools of compassion and intent, one can experience healing on a mental and spiritual level and rise from the massage table finding their mind and spirit have been repaired as well."