Prenatal (Pregnancy) Massage

Pregnancy Massage, also known as Pre-natal Massage, promotes relaxation, soothes nerves, and relieves strained back and leg muscles in expectant mothers. 

Before you get a Pregnancy Massage, make sure you talk to your primary health practitioner.  Some conditions that can accompany pregnancy can be contraindicated for massage.  


A Pregnancy Massage differs from traditional massage in a few different ways. First, your massage therapist will take extra care to make sure your body gets the cushioning and support it needs. Be sure to let your therapist know if you need additional support. You can also have your back massaged during pregnancy by lying on your side, with pillows under your head and between your legs.


The benefits of Pregancy Massage

Pregnancy massage provides relaxation by relieving stress on joints. It eases neck and back pain, helps you to keep good posture and relaxes and provides flexibility to birthing muscles.


Pregnancy Massage aids the circulatory and lymphatic systems, which keeps blood flowing to both the mother and baby. Pregnancy Massage stimulates different glands in the body, which help to stabilize hormone levels, and relieves nervous tension throughout the body. In addition, the nurturing touch during Pregnancy Massage promotes relaxation and provides emotional support. It promotes relaxation of both the muscles and mind for 'both' of you. 


Post-partum Pregnancy Massage Pregnancy massage is also good after giving birth. Postpartum Pregnancy Massage can help restore a mother’s body to its pre-pregnancy condition. It helps to realign the body weight, and tones the over-stretched skin over the belly. As with all massage, it relieves muscle tension and stress from mothering duties!

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