Benjamin Murphy

Benjamin graduated from Kali Institute of Massage and Somatic Therapies in Ventura, California, in 2010. After completing courses in anatomy and Swedish massage, he continued his education in Kali Institute’s Neuro-Structural Bodywork (NSB) and Energy, Breath, and Chakra (EBC) programs. Since moving to Portland he’s further developed his understanding of this foundational coursework at the Oregon School of Massage, the M.E.T.A. Institute, and through an apprenticeship with Jay Alvaro, LMT, CPT. Ben’s work is both deep and integrative. He prioritizes facilitating therapeutic physical changes, while still maintaining a restorative, relaxing experience for each client. The attention he pays to physical structures, coupled with his holistic approach to the body-mind connection and breath, aids clients in the process of releasing tensions, whether they be physical, emotional, or both.

He currently works with a broad spectrum of clients including: people recovering from recent and past injuries, athletes, musicians, motor vehicle accident claims, those seeking a better awareness of their body-mind connection, and those seeking assistance with relaxation and relief from the build up of daily tensions. He is excited to bring his practice to AG Massage.

In your session you can expect to experience a variety of techniques and modalities including:

• Deep Tissue

• Swedish

• Myofascial Release

• Cranial-Sacral Therapy

• Integrative Breathwork

• Mindfulness

If you have a preference for particular styles, please let Benjamin know at the time of your session.


Aside from his passion for doing healing work, Benjamin is a composer, vocalist, and writer. He deeply values the time he gets to spend moving his body outside and at the gym.


Massage License

Oregon Board of Massage, License #19338


Kali Institute of Massage and Somatic Therapies LLC


Benjamin accepts BCBS (Regence), Providence, Pacific Source

NW Portland Location

AG Massage is located in NW Portland in Historic Old Town Chinatown:

322 NW 5th Avenue, Suite 305
Portland, OR 97209
(5th Avenue between Flanders and Everett)

"The two most powerful tools I've discovered for connections with others and with my own being are conscious breathing and curiosity. With each breath, I'm nourishing and balancing myself. I'm helping my awareness catch up and stay connected with my present moment experience. The more curiosity I bring to this moment, the more capable I become of honoring the things it tells me. When I'm present with my own experience, I become far more capable of being truly present with another person. Over the years these basic tools have become a way I can deliver a particular kind of healing. My hope is that my work also seeds these invaluable tools into the lives of my clients."